Vikki LeBeau

Owner & Clinic Director

After many diets over several years, Vikki was ready to just give-up! She had actually met with a Bariatric Surgeon and was just three weeks away from her first consultation regarding bariatric surgery options (gastric bypass, Lap-Band and gastric sleeve). Before that consultation could take place, Vikki was introduced to a low fat, low carb program . During her meeting, she began learning things that had never been fully explained to her before and she knew this would could be it! Finally, there was a plan that would help her with her weight loss AND was available to others that were also struggling with the same issues. During her low fat, low carb program consultation, she finally learned that there was an actual name for her condition- Metabolic Syndrome. Men and women suffer with this issue and have no idea how to fix it and, unfortunately, believed the dated myth “eat less, workout more” – which we all know is not true. Vikki founded her clinic in 2015 with a vision of bringing health and wellness to a struggling population. She and her team have been successfully coaching clients on how to live well by losing weight AND, most importantly, learning how to keep the weight off. Vikki’s goal is to live to 100 while feeling great and wants to educate as many people as she can to do the same!

Lilia Revilla

Spanish Coach

Lilia has always at a healthy weight but felt like she was carrying a few extra fat pounds “just because”. She came to TLD Nutrition & Wellness inquiring about the program for herself and a friend but that meeting turned into so much more. She had a previous affiliation with another well-known wellness company and her passion for health and wellness was apparent during her conversation with Vikki. Surprisingly, this consultation quickly turned into an interview then job offer! With her knowledge of health and wellness and outgoing personality, she was a perfect addition to the TLD team. In May 2019, Lilia began her new coaching position knowing that she could not successfully coach her clients without direct knowledge of their experiences. She followed the protocol without fail and even shared some of the tips and recipes she had learned with her family. Lilia’s daughter suffers from Epileptic seizures and has noticed drastic changes in her health since changing her diet. Lilia is very passionate about her role at TLD and looks forward to guiding her clients on their weight loss and new lifestyle journey!

Amberly Moody

Marketing & Office Management

After two long years of following an intense Keto diet and work-out regimen, Amberly was getting nowhere with her health and fitness goals. To add to the frustration, she was involved in a life-altering car accident and advised to immediately stop her work-outs while her body healed; leaving her with only physical therapy as her exercise option. Needless to say, she was at the end of her options and felt hopeless. Fortunately, a friend had recommended TLD so she decided to attend the complimentary consultation and see what it was all about; after all, what did she have to lose? What she ended up losing was the 35 pounds of unwanted fat while gaining her health. Immediately, the inflammation around her injuries began to subside and she was feeling better. She was also able to stop her blood pressure medication since she no longer had high blood pressure! She took the program very seriously and was the perfect client, never deviating from the plan. In July 2018, TLD was fortunate enough to have Amberly become part of the team as a coach. Today, you will find her working on graphics, forms, specials, ads, social media – pretty much everything behind the scene!