Weight Loss Testimonials

This is the best Fat and Weight loss program with muscle saving enhanced ….EVER!!!!


TLD has provided every tool necessary to make me successful from food to coaching, TLD is an all inclusive motivational tool. There’s no judgement, and everyone is welcomed to succeed in making their life healthier. Stop looking for another diet place. Save your time, TLD where to go.


TLD has the healthy “recipe” that really works! It has helped me lose over 30 pounds, while supporting healthy eating and loss of fat, not muscle. Exercise is optional. Vikki’s business provides me the ability to see weekly how I am losing and to adjust my food. The accessibility to coaching and answering questions give me daily support when I need it. Additionally, the cost is very affordable and initial consultation is free! I highly recommend Vikki’s program for healthy weight loss!


Vikki is a true professional. She is willing to tell people the hard truth about their unhealthy lifestyle. She is also a teacher at heart. My blood sugar was out of control for 15yrs. With her guidance and Moxifit’s great products I have good blood sugar control. I also now have something even more valuable…HOPE

Jim B.

TLD is exactly what it is. I was very sick with food sensitivities to every food including healthy clean foods and I also have PCOS/metabolic syndrome. I was a body builder before, so I know how to eat clean … but that wasn’t even working. I have been to every specialist (Eastern and Western medicine) for 15 years and nobody could help me get down to the root of the problem. Vikki and Lilia have been the greatest inspiration to me. They are not only passionate about what they do to make others lives better, but they actually care about their clients well being. That’s a rarity! This has been a lifestyle change, and for me a life long journey. I have lost 60lbs in a very short amount of time, but most importantly, I am off all of my meds (steroids) for my terrible stomach issues for the first time. Not only does their protocol work to lose weight but also corrects the entire system. They are the most knowledgeable, compassionate, kind, generous, trustworthy women that I know and I never want to leave them. I know that sounds crazy, but it is true! I can’t express in words the gratitude that I have for them. They truly are a God send!

Dawn K.

I highly recommend TLD. I have tried many different weight loss programs with little success. My weight got to a dangerous level, until I met Vikki and started on her program last summer (2019). In 10 months I have lost over 100 pounds. I feel so much better and I am very grateful to Vikki and her coaches for their support of getting me healthy through eating healthy!


I was bumped from surgery because my BMI was over way over 40 and the same day I started at TLD. With in 30 days I was under 40 and back on the schedule my operation. The day before my BMI was at 35 and the doctor had told me I would be in the hospital for 1 to two days but I recovered so well I was out the same day! Thanks To the TLD team!


I have tried many “diets” in my life and none of them have worked. I truly believe that the help of the coaches at TLD is reasoning this lifestyle change has been successful for me. I have never been made to feel bad about having a “bad week” and they completely understand life happens. The amount of knowledge and excitement that is passed on from this team is truly amazing and I would recommend TLD to anyone and everyone!

Nutritional Lifestyle Testimonials

I signed up for my vitamins immediately because I know they are important and was happy with the initial assessment but the DNA really hit home! I’m sensitive to dairy?? I had no idea but the DNA test told me why I was sensitive, the test was spot on!

Eric J.

I eat good, am at my goal weight thanks to TLD but I’m always dragging. I decided the good food I learned how to make wasn’t giving me enough so I needed to supplement. Not really knowing where to turn to besides a doctor, Vikki recommended to do the Free Vitamin assessment. The assessment recommended several things and I got to pick and choose which was most important at the time to address. It was crazy, I placed my order and it arrived the next day!! Do I feel a difference? With in a week I had so much more energy it was almost unbelievable!

Val V.

I had lost weight and have been keeping it off. I started the personal vitamins mainly to avoid getting sick. I know my food doesn’t have everything I need even though I eat good. It’s really the only reason I started taking them but after about 3 weeks I found I had so much energy and was sleeping regularly that I started working out. Not just walking the dogs either, full workouts! My husband has even started to join me at the gym!

Cyndi B.